“Youth Will Shape The World”


22-23-24 April

Welcome Letter

Distinguished Participants;

As the Secretary-General responsible for the 9th edition of Hüseyin Avni Sözen Anatolian High School Model United Nations 2022, it is my utmost honor and pleasure to welcome you all in the name of my academic and organization team. This year, we are more than thrilled to reunite with you at Medipol University between 15-17th April.

Considering the pandemic circumstances, we are meticulously following the precautions with the help of the Ministry of Education directives. In other words, we have been working diligently to provide you with an unrivaled quality of MUN while giving our best to host you safely.

Our eighth session of HASALMUN was a great success with more than 500 participants including, chair board members, administrative staff, and press members. After two challenging years of a wait due to the COVID-19, we are standing before you with seven fulfilling and instructive committees which will also extend your vision of our new world. Delegates will be challenged and expected to set forth creative ideas to unravel today’s most diving and urgent dilemmas. You will have a chance to change our status quo with your comprehensive solutions. Furthermore, even rewriting the history with your inventive steps is possible.  Just in accordance with what we believe,  “Youth will shape the world.”

Delegates of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development will try their best to empower women entrepreneurs through information and communication technologies. Global Association of International Sports Federation will be discussing the usage of dopings and steroids and how it affects athletes. Food and Agriculture Organization will generate ideas on Africa’s one of most urgent challenges which is how to meet the increasing demand for food. While Health and Social Care Select Committee will be coping with the influenza outbreak, the Iranian National Consultative Assembly will be trying their best to protect the regime and outwit the crises. Herbert Hoover’s Cabinet will be experiencing the Great Depression-era from the very beginning and maybe convert the future. Last but not least, delegates of JCC: Spanish War will relive a part of the history by either supporting the Bourbon side and rejecting the heir or promoting the Alliance side and protecting the throne.

Finally, I would like to deliver my gratitude to my deputy Yavuz Selim Satır for his hard work and cooperation throughout the process of preparing for this conference. We are more than excited to meet you. To shape the world once again, we are looking forward to seeing you.

Misem Coşkuner
Secretary-General of HasalMUN 2022