Global Association of International Sports Federations

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Founded in 1967, GAISF is the Global Association of International Sports Federations, an umbrella body constituted of self-governing and detached International Sports Federations and other international sport and event related organization.  

GAISF’s mission is to serve and preserve the joint interests of its members and to support them to maintain their universal objectives.

The vision of GAISF is to be “ The united voice of sports, protecting the interests of International Federations.”

GAISF is unambiguously placed within the sports landscape to ensure knowledge and information transfer and the best practice around all crucial zones of sports governance. GAISF represents the common interests of their members at critical sports institutions.

GAISF is as equally devoted to helping its Members support sport at every level and in every place of the world, from grassroots to elite level competition, wherever its members set up any national organization. Agenda Item:

  • Usage of doping/steroid


Taha Orkun ERSEN