The Joint Crisis Committee, JCC, is separate from the normal UN committees. It consists of two or more independently running subcommittees in which each delegate represents a political figure rather than a state. They are intense, urgent, spontaneous, dynamic and require strong and efficient research skills and preparation. The main purpose of the JCC is to discuss based on choices and acts upon an issue between these sides.

Will you protect the throne against the traitors that want to seize your legacy or will you control the throne and a huge treasure from a disputed succession? After the unfortunate death of the childless King Charles II, the grandson of Louis XIV designated as an heir to the throne and legacy. King Charles II’s enormous legacy caused the Bourbon side, French and Spanish Army to declare war against the Alliance side, Dutch, English and Austrian Habsburg Army.

In JCC: Spanish Succession, delegates will find themselves in a heated situation where the Bourbon side rejects the heir and tries to seize the throne, while the Alliance side protects.

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