Established in 1945, Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations also the leader of the international efforts to make agricultural development, procure and provide improved nutrition and insure food security for all.

Trying to go through with the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal No.2 “Zero Hunger”, members of the FAO have thriven for 77 years and addressed issues regarding Sustainable Agriculture and Available Food.

Now having a regressed agenda due to the Covid19 repercussions The FAO's role to claim is crucial than ever. With the introduction of the FAO Covid-19 Response and Recovery Programme,Organization took a big step to overcome these issues. Nevertheless the critical part is to follow a chain of actions made of these big steps and The UN's largest specialized agency is a trusted organ. Agenda Item:

  • Enhancing agricultural practises and attaining sustainable results to meet increasing demand for food in Africa

Yağmur Zühal Tokur

Academic Assistant
Beren Bayraktar

Academic Assistant
Fikriye Yazar