The World Health Organization


The World Health Organization is a UN institution dedicated to the well-being of all the people around the globe, while being guided by science and medicine. Its main purpose is to give everyone an equal chance to live a healthy life. The main leadership priorities of WHO are; assisting countries seeking progress towards universal healthcare, helping countries adhere to International Health Regulations, raising accessibility for essential and high-quality medical products, and more. 

Administration of the WHO operates through the World Health Assembly, which is the general decision-making body, and through an Executive Board of health experts elected for three-year terms by the assembly which also nominate the Director General. The organization is financed by annual contributions made by member states on the basis of related ability to pay and additional resources from the UN.

In the conference, delegates will be tasked to cope with a novel influenza outbreak which started in the UK. As the new outbreak challenges the global health system, delegates will be tested by their risk management and problem solving skills to create a resolution which would comprehensively respond to the outbreak as well as improve the global health system for stronger disease control and management. Looking for a committee that would improve both your debating and leadership skills, look no further than the World Health Organization. We look forward to seeing you in HasalMUN 2022!

Tolga Birand